Strengthening Stewardship Networks in the Lake Simcoe Watershed

Dozens of organizations are working each and every day to protect and restore the health of Lake Simcoe. The farming community, including commodity organizations, agricultural business, and farmers, are working alongside environmental and conservation organizations, and together have produced significant results over the past ten years to build the health of the Lake.

The Strengthening Stewardship Networks In The Lake Simcoe Watershed project focuses on understanding and assessing relationships among these organizations and on finding opportunities to strengthen connections for greater collaboration. The project is grounded in Social Network Analysis (SNA), which applies innovative data visualization tools to map how organizations connect and interact with one another, and to identify opportunities to share information and experiences and to improve coordination and collaboration.

The project was designed to inform the upcoming 10-year public review of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan, scheduled for 2019. This review will explore the effectiveness of existing policies in reaching the various objectives under the Plan, including how well environmental stewardship policies and actions have achieved various goals. The long-term success of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan rests on a strong foundation of environmental stewardship within the farm and non-farm communities.


Paul Bubelis

Executive Director
Sustainability Network
Paul Bubelis is the Executive Director of the Sustainability Network which he co-founded in 1997. He is a founding Director of Green Economy Canada and sits on advisory committees for the Ontario Nonprofit Network, the Masters in Conservation Leadership program at the University of Guelph and the Green Economy Bridging Program at Ryerson University. Read More

Tony Maas

Manager of Strategy
Freshwater Future
Tony Maas has been working to protect the health of Canada’s fresh water for over 15 years. He is Manager of Strategy at Freshwater Future and Director of the Forum for Leadership on Water. Tony has worked with not-for-profits, philanthropic foundations, policy makers, corporations and research institutes on program strategy, public policy issues and government and stakeholder relations. Read More

April Weppler

Program Manager
Freshwater Future
April is the program manager for Freshwater Future Canada, a binational charity focused on protecting and restoring the waters of the Great Lakes. In her 16 years as a conservation professional, April Weppler has completed assignments with the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, Ontario Nature, and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Read More

Dr. Julia Baird

Social Network Analysis Consultant
Julia Baird is an Assistant Professor at Brock University and a Canada Research Chair in Human Dimensions of Water Resources and Water Resilience. Her research is focused on finding ways to enhance the sustainability of how we govern and manage our water resources. Read More


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