May 30, 2018


SNA Chart

Social Network Analysis (SNA) involves mapping and measuring how organizations and people connect and interact with one another. The approach uses visualization tools and numerical measures to understand the structure of networks, relationships within them, and the roles of particular organizations or individuals. SNA is a powerful tool for evaluating if and how networks are growing and changing over time, and provides valuable information that can be used to share ideas and experiences, to create opportunities for improved coordination and collaboration, and to enhance the collective impact of organizations working toward common goals.

Strengthening Stewardship Networks in the Lake Simcoe Watershed applied SNA concepts and tools to help develop stronger connections among the farming community and environmental organizations working in the basin. The objectives of the project were to understand the priorities and strengths of groups working in the Lake Simcoe watershed, to assess and identify patterns in interrelationships among these organizations, and explore opportunities to strengthen collaboration.

The project was undertaken with the support of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs.